First look at new photography from Los Angeles!

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Winding down for a late night in Las Vegas after a busy day. I’m back at the hotel after a few hours at Madhouse Coffeehouse. There are so many places to drink all night in Las Vegas, but they’re the only coffee shop I could find. Relatively laced on COVID restrictions as well, which made for a nice night. Plenty of delicious vegan options as well. I’m glad I went. While I was there, I was reflecting on this trip and how grateful I am to have seen so many friends during this trying time in our history. I got to see @vintagevandalizm for lunch. She’s one of my closest friends in the pinup scene.

I’m going to go back to one of the first shoots on this trip and if you had to list them in order of importance, Emily would have been one of the ones that would have been a gut punch if it was somehow cancelled. A few nights ago in a blog, I shared the trailer for her reality show, Reality House, but it was the satisfaction in realizing a shoot that we’d both hyped up for years. At this point, with COVID especially, these are small victories. Overcoming the distance and restrictions. This new photo of her, I even see something different in myself as a photographer. I love feeling like I’m still growing.

Another shoot on this trip that really stands out was with my friends Micheline Pitt and Chip Norman. My career as a photographer in the pinup scene wouldn’t have been without Micheline. She’s one of the most influential and prominent women in pinup and she’s become one of my closest friends. Chip, her husband, has also become a close friend and this was an opportunity to, again, overcome the distance and obstacles of a pandemic. The last time I show with Micheline or her brand, La Femme En Noir, was in 2019.

I have a couple of shoots tomorrow, my last day here in Las Vegas, but at this point, if they were to fall through, I wouldn’t be upset about it. I set up a 1:00p.m. late check out tomorrow, so once I finish this post, I’m going to pass out and sleep in as late as possible. I feel I deserve that after the last nine days on the road and all the miles traveled. Looking very forward to getting back to Minneapolis, seeing @guthrie and having a miel at @caffetto. For tonight, I hope you all enjoying this first look at the new work. Have a great night and I’ll share more photography tomorrow.


I honestly wouldn’t believe coffeehouse would be difficult to find when compared to restaurants to eat and I also thought coffee would be would in a restaurants? Lol forgive my ignorance. Coffee isn’t something we crave for in this side of the world I live in.

You’ve got nice shots by the way.

Las Vegas is a party town almost all your options after 9:00p.m. tend to be bars. There's only one coffee shop that I know of in Vegas that is 24 hours and that's Madhouse. Grateful to have found it because I needed to get some work done.

Wow! After 9pm tends to be party maker’s new day. I use to love that kind of life but I stopped. I hope the distance between your place to madhouse isn’t much. At least you can get coffee anytime you wish.

your work is very cool, I look forward to getting to know better. I'm Brazilian, starting now on the platform. Just keep going, you're doing great!

Thank you, @boeltermc. Hive is a great place. It's been a renaissance of creativity for me since I found it in 2016. Welcome.

Thank you, @boeltermc. Hive is a great place. It's been a renaissance of creativity for me since I found it in 2016. Welcome.

Thank you very much, I will follow your profile

Nice one. Las Vegas is a place I would definitely like to visit someday. Mostly out of curiosity.

It is definitely a curiosity, @nkechi. I've said before, it's what would happen if a bunch of 13 year old boys built a city with a trillion dollars. Very unique.

Yeah.. I guess it is

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