New work w/ Dahlia and Elektra from last summer!

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I’m really pleased with my ability to get a Hive post on the blockchain every night. Granted, the quarantine is easing the balancing act. @caffetto opens this week for take out orders only, from what I hear. When we’re able to all sit and play MTG again […especially with this new set] it might get more difficult to not miss a night here or there. Overall, though, it’s been a great exercise in staying committed to something I deemed important to myself with the announcement of Hive being launched. Thanks for giving me that little soap box moment, but I wanted to respect that publicly.

I do have new work. New edits from a shoot I did last summer. This shoot didn’t have the same urgency as some of my shoots. I worked out an arrangement with Minneapolis burlesque performing, Dahlia Dulcé. Rather than paying a deposit, and the second half of the session the day we shot, she’s just a subscriber on my Patreon. I’ve been excited to get to these for far too long, but with the progress I made during the last few weeks at home, I was able to catch up on all my Australia and New Zealand shoots and get back to these amazing photos in St. Paul.

I was introduced to Dahlia by our mutual friend and legend in the burlesque scene, Elektra Cute. She was with us for this shoot, and even stepped in for a few images during this session. Dahlia’s apartment was incredible. The classic old St. Paul home with all original wood. It was midday, but we managed to find ways to hide much of the light to create the dark pinup atmosphere I’ve become know for. Even play with candles and fabric textures to add complexity to the compositions. I have a few more to go, but this shoot was one of my best of 2019, for sure.

Thanks for reading! I’ve been spiraling out of control a bit, obsessing about finishing my writing room in my basement. I’m starting to think that I can’t write until it’s finished, and I have to get over that. I definitely do not. Tomorrow, I have gardening deliveries coming and a game changing photogrpahy/video investment that I’m sure I’ll be sharing here on Hive in the next few days. Also, as I mentioned, @caffetto opens this week and we have to at least go, get a cup of coffee and support our second home. More to come. I have a feeling this’ll be a busy week for blogging.


Keep up the good work, consistency is hard to keep, I personally am at quite the crossroads and I'm trying to go in every direction, also the whole stay at home wasn't that helpful after the first month, and now we are back to making more heat, buzzing about. Great shoot, looks very cool, thank you for the fresh air. Good luck in the future.

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Thanks, @j3dy! Yeah. Early in this whole mess, I invested a lot of time and money in to getting my home space/studio where I wanted it. That ended up being a good move. Thanks for the comment.

Great photos as always! This looks like it was a really cool place to shoot!

 2 years ago 

Thanks, @bozz. Yeah. Houses in St. Paul are like this. Most of them are old and original. Really beautiful and a dream to be in for shoots.

Very nice!

That venue certainly lends a classical feel to the photos.
A great shoot my friend!
Congrats and take care!

Real nice photo shoots and the ladies posed nicely. Liked the way they were made up.

Dahlia and Elektra are so beautiful, loved the overall candle light mood, nice shots! :)

good job!! :)

Great creativity, light control and atmosphere. Really appreciate your work.

A beautiful job, as I realize you have a habit to do. A very assertive play of colors and a very clean idea that is clearly understood