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Their purchases in the van, Phoenix jumped back into the passenger’s side. Sage Eagle slid into the driver’s side again, then looked at her, a hungry expression on his face. His hand took hers again. He tugged slightly, guiding Phoenix closer to him. Next to him, he lifted her onto his lap. “You don’t mind...”

“We’re good,” she replied, knowing that she wanted anything he did.

“We have a little time to kill,” Sage Eagle replied, reaching for her lips. She didn’t resist him, accepting his warm lips as he possessed her mouth quickly, parting her lips and tasting her with his tongue. Frank had never wanted that part of her. His kisses had always been those of a brother, never those of a lover. Not like Sage Eagle, who seemed to not be able to get enough, his mouth greedily consuming anything she yielded. She could barely breathe between kisses, but she wouldn’t stop him for anything!

His hands massaged her breasts through her shirt and she felt him stiffen beneath her. She suddenly wished she’d worn a skirt instead of warm, practical pants. She wanted him so much! Unlike with Jade Wolf, where he’d reminded her of Frank, Sage Eagle’s hands were soft and tender, full of promise and full of desperation. His hands slid under her shirt and up her body. As he reached her breasts, her nipples peaked beneath his fingers like little pebbles. “Do you mind?” he asked.

“We’re good!” she breathed, not wanting this to end any time soon! The fish contact could very well wait! One hand slipped into her pants, where he stroked her wet, aroused folds of skin, even slipping into her body. Oh, how she wanted him!

“Where there’s a will...” he murmured, lifting her pants off her hips and helping her back to the seat. Her pants out of the way, Sage Eagle opened his pants, releasing a large, brown arousal. He opened the glove compartment, pulled out a foil packet, then quickly rolled a condom onto his eager lust. She couldn’t help feel a twinge of disappointment at that, Phoenix would happily have his child, she knew.

Parting her thighs a bit more, he was quickly between them, pushing his arousal deep into her, making her cry out with excitement and desire. She put her legs around him, encouraging him deeper into her body. It didn’t matter that they were in the tribe van, in the middle of the parking lot, she had what she wanted the most – Sage Eagle making love to her. No longer fighting her, just loving her, deeper and faster and harder.

When, at last, with a deep, satisfied groan, he released himself into the condom inside her, she felt a bit of disappointment. She wasn’t satisfied, she knew, but she knew she loved him anyway. She would happily have him this way than to not have him at all. Maybe in the future, she could convince him to stop keeping his best from her. But for this moment, she was the happiest woman in the world!

Sage Eagle kissed Phoenix once more just as a knock came on the window. Still pinned beneath Sage Eagle, she looked up, only to see Frank’s face pressed against the window! Sage Eagle still on top of her and deep within her, her naked legs around his back, there could be no question in anyone’s mind what she was doing!

“Kwitta! I’m sorry, Coonagwi,” Sage Eagle soothed. “At least he has no doubt about you being Neme’o’ng!” He kissed her again and pulled out, making himself decent.

Phoenix quickly put her pants back on as well. “Figures he’d have this job!”

“You’ll be all right, even if I have to lose him on the way out of town,” Sage Eagle reassured.

“Okay,” Phoenix replied with hesitation.

“Pretend not to know any English, and let me deal with him.”

She nodded… and again as he opened the door, speaking a whole bunch of Neme’o’ng at her. She smiled and nodded, pretending she knew every word.

“Sorry to butt in on you and your squaw,” Frank began condescendingly. “I was told to meet you here with your fish.”

Phoenix could see Sage Eagle’s tensions rise with every word.

“You remind me that I’m missing my wife and children. They took off about a month ago. There are rumors they might have come this way. I even have legal documents served to me by her lawyer in Rawlins, but the police won’t pursue them… outside their jurisdiction, they excuse!”

“If I see someone who sounds like that, I’ll let you know,” Sage Eagle promised evenly, in the voice Phoenix knew he only used when he was very carefully controlling his anger. “What do you plan to do when you find them?”

“I’m going to remind her who’s boss, if you know what I mean!” Frank said, adjusting his pants poignantly.

Phoenix knew Frank meant to rape her and beat her and rape her again. Nothing like the passion she’d just experienced with Sage Eagle! Strangely, even Jade Wolf was better than Frank! She tried really hard not to shudder with fear.

Sage Eagle looked at her, told her something in Neme’o’ng which she took to mean something like “wait right here.” Then he stepped out, closed the door and continued talking to Frank.

Meanwhile, Phoenix felt her nerves running on overtime. She wanted nothing more than to sink below the dashboard again and not have Frank see her, but that would draw more attention to her. Instead, she sat there, looking out at the freeway with feigned boredom. A freight train passed on the other side of the freeway, reminding her that there were no trains in the Great Divide Basin. She missed them – in a way.

After a few minutes, Sage Eagle opened the back of the van and started piling boxes of seafood into the van. He chatted to Frank with fake friendliness. A few more minutes passed and Frank left, one of his buddies (who had visited their house in Portland from time to time) sat in the passenger’s seat. Then Frank and his buddy left without so much as looking back.


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Swan Valley is a fictitious American Indian reservation located in the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming, USA. The Neme'o'ng (Swan People) are based on the idea of blending the Shoshoni and Arapaho peoples - as might have happened if they were stranded in a desolate area as a small band of misfits. I have developed their language from the same ideas.

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