Dporn Verification Post Instructions

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This is what a verification picture looks like on Dporn:


Steps to get a Verification Badge on Dporn & Get Started

First step is to email us to get a Steem Account:

You can email us and we can email you a link to register for free account: [email protected]

Second step is to provide a verification picture:

Verification picture should contain your Steem name, date and Dporn written on it.

You will get a verification badge which makes you earn more PORN tokens on the website.

Until our video verification system fixes itself we are going back to this method.

Any question come ask us here . We would love to help you!

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Totally worth it! Love this team! ❤️

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Totally worth it! Love this team! ❤️

Thank you Canadian-vixen! we are working hard.

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Well keep it up! ❤️

are you still working?

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yo ta tengo una cuenta de steem puedo usar mi cuenta?

I believe you asked if you have to have a Steem account?

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Posted via DPorn.co | Get Rewards For Sex Content