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I've started a new Creative Fiction piece, based on nothing that really happened. My mind wanders, sometimes, a simple sentence, or a look from a stranger can set my mind off, to a bit of creative writing. What follows, Half Plus Seven, is fiction based on the rule, we all know about. - BluefinStudios

Ch. One: The Most Amazing, Terrifying Weekend Of My Life!

It happens , that’s all there is to it, sometimes, things just ‘happen.’ When it did, I knew two things: I was in for the most amazing weekend and in for the most terrifying weekend of my life.

I suppose I should back up a little… remind myself how I got here.

I’m a photographer, and for the past few years, I have been traveling the coast of New England by boat, taking images of New England landscapes, seascapes and wildlife. About every two weekends for the past few years, I have been showing up at craft fairs, selling my photography. One thing about Craft Fairs, you see the same people setting up, often. We even joke, and call ourselves Carny Folk. Like carnival and festivals, traveling together, drifting from town to town, and generally being a close knit bunch. Some like each other, some do not.

After a few years, I noticed I was often set up near the same woman. About my age, mid fifties, she made jewelry. She was tall. Taller than I was. And built strong. I am not a fan of whisky waifs. I prefer some heft. Some curves. Oh, sure, there are sexy little things, but this amazing woman was Sexy! Curves. Powerful Toned Thighs. Calves curved from being on her feet all weekend. Beautiful breasts, full, and womanly. Jennifer had an amazing smile, beautiful dark brown eyes, too. Her face smiled, not just her mouth. When I saw her I was turned on. All day. She was an easy flirt, too… smiled, her whole face, and those full lips curled, while she winked. And if you listened carefully to her words, she was naughty girl, inside.

We both enjoyed the game. She had heard me tell my story: divorced, without a girlfriend, and living mostly as a hermit for months on end, in my boat. She was happily married and let me know, it was a fun game for her, but only that. A game. She would never do anything to hurt her husband. Ever. She even went so far as to try and hook me up with other women at the fairs: vendors, clients, someone to ease my loneliness and pain.

Last year, we decided to try an expand, both of us. So, instead of one single booth, we paired, and took three booths, splitting the middle between us. For me, that was great, I could add some displays and sell more, easily handling the additional area. With her expanded setup, she needed help, so she enlisted her daughter, Anna. Jewelry needs watching, with all the tiny items and easily walks away, if a vendor is not careful.

The thing is, Anna is beautiful too. She’s a sexy, younger version of Jennifer. Her thighs are toned, her ass is curved, sexy, and sits a little higher. Her waist is tighter. And her breasts…. Her killer breasts are curved, taut handfuls, sitting high and firm. They’re no D cup, like her mom, no… Anna’s breasts were younger, firmer. She dressed like most young women today, her clothing and curves demanded attention.

She learned something from her mom, too… that easygoing flirt. I was her mom’s friend, I suppose, so she could try out her moves, try out her man skills… see if they worked, in a safe way. After all, her mom was 5 feet behind her. We’d flirt, me and the two ladies. At first, I was safer… but these days, I pushed boundaries.. and often saw both of the ladies turn red, flushed and catch their breath. I loved that feeling, knowing that something I said, or a did, caused a rush that made a woman remember her desires.

Usually in spring, I do a fair about every three weeks, and spend most of my time, on the boat, traveling Maine to Florida. This summer, Jennifer and I coordinated our shows and did a fair every weekend in July and August. These last two weeks, the heat of August, we were exhausted, but in great mood. Her daughter Anna and I found a happy medium between me being the adult and he being accepted as, of not peer, at least, partially grown up!

My jokes with customers were campy, and fun. Sometimes I let slip a little double entendre. Often the women who shopped laughed, pleased to hear a little flirting heading their way. As I spent a weekend, sometimes, my mood got a little frisky. And often, Jennifer and Anna were the butt of my moods! At one point, I noticed, my hands had slipped. I found myself, hand brushing Anna’s arm. And my hip and hers touching.

Once, Anna was helping a client, and something fell. She turned, bent at the waist, and reached to pick it up. It happened as I turned a corner, and landed right up against a soft curved behind. My hips pressing. I was moving, too, so, forward momentum carried me into her backside. I had no choice, but to reach forward, and grab her hips to keep her from bouncing to the ground. She did the sensible thing, and pushed back to steady herself. We were glued like that for what felt like minutes, but was more like a few seconds at best.

Her mom laughed. Anna laughed. I smiled and groaned. As Anna stood back upright, my hands on her hips, she pushed that soft, cushioned ass right back onto me. Her knees dipped, and she ground down, then back up, as she stood. Her back, finally coming to rest on my chest. She turned her hips a little side to side, and then, ground slightly back one last time; her bottom moving up and down slightly. Her head tilted as she did, and her long, soft silky hair grazed my face.

I thought I was happy in life, before, but as I drew a deep breath of her hair, I knew now, what heaven’s scent was. Her. Her perfume. Her body scent. Her shampoo, all of it, combined, into an amazing deep breath. I felt and heard her sharp breath too, as I let a little groan out. As she turned, her hand brushed my arm, and traveled down to my hip.

For two weeks, I’ve replayed that over and over in my head. Nights back in my hotel, I took the scenic much farther, until my release. I noticed, too, her reaction to that day. She wore looser fitting tops, and spent time, letting her blouse flare open and giving me slight peaks. Or a tank top, during setup, and more skin than normal showing.

It was palpable, this newfound electricity between us. The air was charged. Her mom joked, too… letting us know she could see it. Never objecting, no judgement, just letting us know she was aware. If she was mad or objected to our 30 year difference, I never heard nor saw it. As far as I know., she never scolded Anna, either, for her behavior. Never put a foot down. I suppose in some ways, she may have thought of us as 'safe.' We always had her as a chaperone. Anna stayed in Jennifer’s room nights during the Fairs. I stayed in my own.

And then, it happened. Labor Day Weekend. Biggest Craft Fair of the year, until Christmas time. We had a Thursday afternoon setup, for the Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday Fair. All three of us were tired, in a. Good way. We Agreed to meet, after heading to our rooms for cleaning up. We’d meet in the bar, for a drink and a nice, Pre Fair meal. Anna was 23, and comfortable now, drinking with her mom and I.

I walked into the bar, and there was Jennifer, and Anna. Both dressed in matching skirts, Jennifer’s grey pencil skirt, tight across her ass. Anna’s was shorter, mid thigh, and showed off her toned thighs. Her calves, curved, were tightly wrapped in the black leather straps of her Grecian Sandals.

Both ladies dressed in white tops. Jennifer’s was a soft, short sleeved number. Her big breasts pushing the limits of the buttons. The curves rounded against the material, only interrupted by the soft center bumps hinted at below. Anna’s was a similar material, but sleeveless. She wore no bra, her breasts moving with each step. The large side openings showed plenty of herself, and soft curves too.

I nearly stumbled as I drank in these two. They were clearly out to get to me today. I stood in front of and deliberately stared at Jennifer first, started at her face, and slowly traveled down her body, and back up. Once I reached her face, she asked, “Well?” In answer, I raised a hand, finger extended, and made a twirling motion, the universal sign for, “Show me the rest, with a spin.”

As she started to turn, I answered, “Wait. Stop.” Taking in the view from her backside. I leaned close, my mouth to her ear, and said, “Very nice, keep going” and she finished her turn.
“Very nice, and now, you, Miss?” With a twirl of my finger, motioning it was her turn for a turn!
Again, I stepped really close to her ear as she turned back to me, and whispered, “So good. You look so yummy, tonight.”

At this point, Jennifer’s phone rang. She moved off to take the call alone. Form her face, I could tell, this wasn’t good news. As she talked, her face, fell, and her arm got animated. She looked… panicked? worried? Not sure, but not good. As soon as she got off the phone, Anna and I both said, “What’s wrong?” At the same time. Jennifer’s answer came a mile a minute: her husband had been in an accident, both legs broken, and one arm. He was at the hospital tonight, but getting released, tomorrow.

“What am I going to do? I need to go now and break down everything.”
“Mom, I can do the weekend. I can stay.” She looked at her mom. Jennifer started to shake her head and answer.
“I’ll take care of her. I’ll help her. You go home to take care of Kyle. I’ll help the weekend, and break down. We’ll manage it, don’t worry at all about this stuff. Go. Be with your husband.” She looked at my face as I said it. “I’m serious, we can do it. You go be with him. It’ll be alright… you’ll see. Go take care of your man. I’ll take care of Anna.”

I could see Jennifer visibly relax as I said all this. Her mind made up, she sipped her wine and said, “OK, I am heading off, now.”
“Call me, as soon as you get there.” I told her.
She smiled over her shoulder as she left the lounge, for her room.
“Anna, go to the room with her, and tell her, it’s going to be ok. I’ll wait here until she leaves.”

I felt a tiny bit of guilt watching that fabulous ass, walking away. She looked back and me and Anna smiled as she left the lounge...that smile, was so much older than her 23 years.

Stay Tuned for Chapter TWO: Half Your Age, Plus Seven

September 11th, 2021
my next Craft Fair, will find me in
Middleborough MA, at the Titicut Artisan Craft Fair.

If you find yourself in Massachusetts, come visit me!
Sorry, no Jennifer, no Anna, just my photography and me.

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Bluefin Studios is a photographer, specializing in wildlife, nature, landscapes, waterfalls and Lighthouses!

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