NSPART - A Erotic Art Series... #6 - Polaroid Film

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Hello Everyone,

This is a shot with an art nude model on Polaroid Instant Film and then scanned in and processed to achieve this look.

Camera: Polaroid 600
Lighting: On Camera Flash
Model: Pure Rebel


NOTE: Please do not make rude or sexual comments on my work or about my models there are plenty of posts and places to do that and it's pretty clear my work that I post it NOT Hardcore porn. If I start posting that, then that's a different story. Respectful comments often get upvoted. :)

I'm not trying to be snooty or a dick, I just have a lot of respect for models I work with and not all of do adult work, but they do shoot nude art and if the see this page I'd for them to feel respected for having the courage to shoot nude and share their beauty with the world.

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Copyright Notice:

All Images on this and any of my post are copyrighted by me Nico Simon Princely and registered with the U.S. Copyright office. All rights reserved. You DO NOT have permission to use or post any of my images without written consent from me. Do to so is copyright infringement and is subject to $150,000 in statutory damages per occurrence under U.S. Copyright Law. You may resteem the post.

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What Goes In To My Work/Art:

For those that don't know, I spend a lot of time on all of my photos, unlike camera phone pictures, or quick snap shots. For any shoot there is model selection, planning, equipment setup, the shoot which is usually several hours where I shoot several hundred photos, then there is equipment tear down, choosing the best images which takes a couple of hours, color grading/correction, and then I spend sometimes an hour or two on a single image retouching and creating the final look, then resizing and watermarking for the web, even my Polaroids have to be scanned in, cropped, have the dust removed, resized and watermarked, so to the people that think I'm just posting a pic or two they are not seeing all of the work that goes into that picture they are looking at.

With advanced photo-manipulation and composites that can add many more hours of work. And what also makes these images possible is the years I have spent learning my craft, the $10,000+ in equipment + the Studio I was paying for that sadly I no longer have, and the model and Makeup Artist (when I use one) are either paid or get additional pictures which means more work for me, none of this is cheap or free it's a lot of work that I do because I love creating beautiful images.

I added this to my posts because it seems that people no longer value professional photography or understand what goes into it regarding, time, expense, etc... And some feel a camera phone picture of a ham sandwich or a selfie has equal value regardless of the difference in production time and cost. Almost every professional photographer I know has been adversely affected by the devaluation of professional photography due to mass proliferation of camera phones and the perception that all photos are created equally, so I try my best to educate people on what goes into what we do.

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Great view

Really nice and hot photo :)