Strange things

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Nothing could be stranger than noticing a particular guy in the same bus I take home everyday stealing glances at me from his corner. I started seeing him last week after the long weekend the public holiday brought and I thought he was cute. To be honest I did have a little fun with him in my head on the second day of seeing him, but that's not the point. It is the second week of sharing this public bus with this stranger and it has become less comfortable.

No, it was not because I had boned him in my mind. Did I really go all the way? Not exactly though... I think. I just closed my eyes and when I opened them, the bus was empty save for this handsome hunk towering above me. I really could not make out any of his features as my gaze was stuck on the bulge in his pants. I also noticed my hands attempting to move towards them and I tried to hold myself, thinking how stupid it would be to do such in a bus, but he said "don't be shy, he wants to play". This was all the encouragement I needed, but as I was moving in my dazed dream to meet the zipper blocking my way, I woke up to the disturbingly loud announcement that my bus stop was next. I have never been so disappointed with waking up till date, but I had to get home to clean up as I was fully soaked. I definitely consummated the effects of that dream with my husband as soon as I got home.

The next day when I got in the bus, the first thing I did was look for him. Because the bus was just a commercial bus that waited at my office stop to get full, I usually got on amongst the last people as I always closed late. However that day, I subconsciously finished my work and all the extra stuff I had to do at work earlier than usual and sped my way to the bus. I found myself and realised that I was just hoping he I'd meet him again. I was so disappointed when there were just three seats left in the bus as I had concluded that he wasn't coming, but that feeling was short-lived as I sighted my handsome hunk trotting towards the bus. I honestly tried to imagine the bulge thumping from right thigh to left as he walked briskly yet in a rhythmic fashion and I concluded in my head that he was rushing to the bus because of me.

That was when it got weird.

Thank you for reading. I would appreciate the encouragement to continue this as a series.


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